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Guardians are highly experienced in helping NGO's plan, set up, operate and close down their programmes.  


We are fully qualified and highly experienced working with vunerable people and experts in high risk areas.

The Guardians are respectful and polite.  Guardians create a safe space for your programme, protecting your health, reputation and helping you to make a real difference to lives and prospects of local people.

Pre Deployment

Site Survey | Risk Assessment | Participant Training

Compound survey, risk assessment and mitigation planning, identify the preparation and training required to match operations including health, safety and fire risk.

Program Set Up and Operation

Logistics | Site Security Management | Ongoing Risk Assessment | Compliance

Identify secure logistics depot, vehicle management, recruit, train and manage local security and support staff, driver and logistics training and management, maintain situational awareness, monitor compliance with local cultural and legal requirements. 

End of Program

Closure Planning | Transition | Staff Duty of Care

Assist in the development of closure plans, help execute a smooth transition to local staff, maintain contact to ensure the ongoing mental health and well being of local staff.  Lay the groundwork for a future return of operations.

NGO Vehicle Driver Training
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